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Criminal Defense

My name is Ron Herrington. If you have a criminal case pending I may be the attorney that can help YOU the most. Here is why: If you or a family member have been charged with a criminal offense, it is important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side to protect and defend your rights!

First, my office is right on the courthouse square in Kaufman, Texas. If you need something filed or need to come to court I am right here to protect you. You do not have to depend on a Dallas attorney who may or may not show up for YOU. 

Don't you agree that if something needs filed for you or a judge or prosecutor needs to be spoken with on your behalf, it is much easier for me to walk across the street than for someone to drive from Dallas?  

Often in criminal defense, a prosecutor needs to communicate frequently on a case. I simply walk across the street and so I can do this for you!

In my law practice, I am dedicated to providing aggressive and ethical representation to those charged with criminal offenses. I personally evaluate each case individually and use all available resources  to achieve a favorable resolution for you. 

I also recognize that many individuals charged with crimes have limited money: therefore, I strive to keep my costs low and provide flexible fee arrangements for my clients.  I also take credit cards if that is more convenient for you.

I have a unique and extensive background that enables me to help you. Prior to practicing law, I spent 17 years as a Dallas Police Officer and Detective. 

I went to law school at night while working full time as a detective! While still working full time I passed the bar the first time. 

I am certified as a Master Peace Officer for the State of Texas. That is the highest certification given by the State. Best of all, I put all that knowledge and experience to work for YOU! 

After early retirement from the city of Dallas I was then a City Judge for Fort Worth Texas. Then I worked as an Assistant District Attorney for Tarrant County. These jobs gave me even more experience and knowledge to help YOU!  After that I went into full-time private practice.  

I think you will agree, my varied and extensive experience gives me a unique understanding of how law enforcement works from the time of contact with the police, all the way through jury trial. This greatly enhances my effectiveness in defending you, my client!  I feel my background gives me a much stronger chance to help YOU, my client than most attorneys. 

I am confident I can help with your situation.
Choose your attorney wisely! It is your life, your freedom and you want the best!

Call me today. My cell phone is 972-251-0689. I am one of the few attorneys that will actually talk with you! If I am in court of course, I can not answer. Just leave me a message with a phone number. I return my calls.

We offer

  • Flexible Office Hours
  • A variety of payment options
  • Accepting Credit Cards

© Attorney Ron Herrington

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